Bundled up, guided,
securely fixed
Serpa KabelClip
Serpa KabelClip
Bundled up, guided,
securely fixed

Serpa cable clips fasten loose cables together to form a compact bundle or guide cables tightly organized over an extended distance. Thanks to the handy snap-fit mechanism, it´s incredibly quick and simple to put in and remove cables. Wherever needed, e.g. on the underside of a table or on casings, the Serpa cable clip can be fastened by means of the integrated high-performance adhesive tape. 





Clean the spot where the

Serpa cable clip is going

to be fixed. Remove

the tape from the 


Place the cable clip in

position and give it a

short press

Open the gripper

Insert cables

Close the gripper,



Arrange excess lengths

in loops; the cable clip

will secure them in


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