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Designpreisnominierung 2008

Designpreisnominierung 2009

Development expertise with a tradition

Serpa is a brand of H. Hiendl GmbH & Co. KG located in Bogen-Furth in Bavaria. The Company is a modern producer and service provider in the field of plastic engineering. We are a medium-size company with a little more than 60 employees. An essential part of our activity is the manufacture of products and components which our customers have developed and designed themselves and which they have made by us in series production according to precise specifications.


Serpa. Safety for end users

Serpa® stands for application-oriented plastics engineering from the idea to the finished product. Under this label, we market products developed and manufactured by ourselves for the handling of live cables. These multiple prize winning products reflect all of our materials expertise, which we put in to provide a maximum of safety and functionality for users when handling electrical cables.

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