Fit & Fast.
Top flexibility for 
maximum mobility
Fit & Fast.
Top flexibility for 
maximum mobility
Flexi B15
Querschnitt EasyLoader Flexi B15
Loading from the top
Capacity 5 channels for up to 9 cables:
3 channels with Ø 10 mm (e.g. electric leads)
2 channels with Ø 7 mm (e.g. telephone and netword cables)
Maximum load people only
Place of use interior
Length 150 cm
300 cm
Width 15 cm
Height 1.7 cm
Weight abt. 2.2 kg/running metre
Fluorescent strip included
End caps included
Connector on enquiry
Colour of base light grey
Cover colorus

dark grey



Colour of end caps light grey
Colour of connector light grey
Delivery includes 1 Serpa cable bridges, consisting of base and cover + 2 end caps

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